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Do you cope with bad childhood and traumatic events from your past? Do you feel like your life lost is meaningless and you don’t want to fight anymore? Would you love to change it, but you have no clue how to do that? This book is for you! 

The Inner Fight tells the stories of four people, who try to rebuild their life on the rubble of their past. Check, how stories of: Anna, Tommy, and Reuben who take up fighting about their life. Each one of them experienced personal loss and humiliation. They fight with harmful consequences of problems they couldn't avoid. Peter Ivanovich is one of the most prominent psychoanalysts last decades. Though his past was cruel, he engaged in conducting therapy.

Will Peter, despite his exceptional reputation and perfect intuition, be able to stir anew high self-esteem in them? Will he prepare them mentally for future difficulties? Or maybe he will give in to pressure of his past, and lose his patients forever?

If you believe that your past must define yourself and your future, then this book is a must-have! What if it's just a stereotype? Reject it, and find afresh your inner strength and joy of life. 

Psychologic novel. The debut of Paul Dulski.


In The Inner Fight  Walcząc o siebie I described a few stories of sensitive nature such as domestic or sexual violence. However, it is not my desire to glorify such behavior or to shock my readers. These situations are inspired of real events, though presented characters are fictional. If you consider this kind of content as harmful to your mental health or bringing sad memories to your mind, please don't buy and read this book!



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