I was born in a small town in northern Poland. I'm in my mid-thirties. I grew up in a region full of lakes, forests, and meadows. I've been fond of animals since childhood. My hobby was horse riding, especially show jumping. My lovely mare was called Kastylia.

However, not everything was giving me joy. I suffered from hang-ups and low self-esteem. Additionally, my sensitivity regarding the world's problems regularly brought me down. Sometimes I felt that I didn't want to live anymore, and thought that my existence in this world didn't make any sense.

But the desire of go on living was deep within me. I never wanted to give in. On the other hand, I didn't want to feel terribly either. Therefore, I began my studies on human psychology. I observed people, and drew conclusions. I started to associate with positive people. That's how I found my road to mental balance. 

It won't be relevatory to say that negative emotions are conceived in our head. Unhappiness is the effect of a wrong way of thinking. And since we can create negative thoughts, we are also able to create positive thoughts.  

You may ask: "Paul, how do I do that?!" That's why I run this blog. We'll learn how to produce positive thoughts. We'll achieve it by means of analysis and comparisons, as well as a hard fight to work on our personality each day. 

In the Author section I will post information concerning my life and my travels. In the Blog section we'll work together on fighting our fears, worries, and anxieties in order to become a stronger person. The person ready to face any difficulty crossing his/her path! This section may turn out to be more interesting because of YOU. You'll be able to comment on my posts, and ask questions. I'll be glad to answer them all. 

So, let's begin our adventure!