Paul Dulski
21/03/21 19:35:18


The Sun is an amazing star — essential to sustain life. It has a crucial influence on the world of plants and animals, but is also invaluable for us, humans. When God created Adam and Eve, He placed them in an awesome concrete flat… Nooo! He placed them in a beautiful garden. The climate was different on Earth — it was similar to the one we can experience in warm countries. That’s why they did not need clothes and could walk in the nude. Their whole bodies could absorb vitamin D, which had a positive influence on their mood and mental health.

Our conditions are totally different. We spend most of our lives in enclosed spaces with artificial lighting. What’s more, Europe’s climate with frequent rainfalls, lack of sun, snowless winters, and autumn and winter periods with shorter days, make us reluctant to leave the house and take advantage of the sun’s benefits.
The autumn and spring equinoxes can be an especially tough time. While in Africa, where the Sun shines all the time, and grants us more than the needed dose, you may not feel the difference. Here, however, is different. We may not ponder over it, but all the processes that appear in nature — everything returns to live, the plants begin to bud, release pollen, and so on — have great influence on us. The weather is not stable. One day is warm, the next is cold. These rapid changes strike our body. Moreover we don’t eat enough of healthy and fresh fruits, we eat more fat to gain more energy what causes our body to be more vulnerable and prone to infections. This is the time when many of us go through a purification process, commonly known as a cold.
This period is extremely hard for people who struggle with mood swings or depression. This is exactly why we often feel moody and irritated. We are easily thrown off-balance and have plenty of negative thoughts, I-don’t-want-to-live-anymore thoughts included. More conflicts and frequent arguments are clearly being noticed.


This is the time when we need to pay more attention to ourselves. In a way we can say that we want to indulge ourselves a little bit. It is not easy obviously because we still have a lot of responsibilities such as work, taking care of the house, spending time with family and friends. However, if we want to feel good and be OK with others, we just can’t neglect ourselves, especially when we are vulnerable to mood swings. This is the time when we may need to make some changes in our schedule. We may decide to limit our social contact a little, or to forgo extra hours at work, and give ourselves more time to relax, particularly when we get easily irritated by others. What else can we do?


1. Get enough sleep

This is the thing we often forget about. We have so many activities and are on such a tight schedule that we overstrain our body at the cost of sleeping. This has a very negative impact on our mood. Therefore, instead of spending time with friends or surfing the internet, it is better to postpone it for another time and get yourself some sleep. Never take it as a waste of time! Remember that your body is the best doctor. It indicates what it needs, so don’t blow your body off. If you are tired and sleepy, and have the opportunity to have a nap — just do it. The world won’t collapse. Many things can be postponed, and you will take better care of them and with a better attitude when well-rested. We people like patterns. We think: I will sleep eight hours and it will be enough — but it’s not true. Sometime our body may need to sleep 10 hours or even more, especially in the period of spring equinox. Therefore give yourself some sleeping spa.

2. Exercise

A sedentary lifestyle, unpleasant, bad weather, and work fatigue make us not willing to get out of the house. That’s not right. We need some exercise in order to oxygenate, eliminate toxins with our sweat, and to move our lymph. If you can, do some sport outside. It may be just a brisk walk, nordic walking, run, and such like. If possible, the best time to do that is when the sun is still in the sky, but if it’s later, it’s still better to do something than nothing.

3. Follow a healthy diet

We live in a time when there’s a variety of food the entire year — even foods that were only available seasonally in the past. That’s why we should try to eat fruits and vegetables every day. A good way to do that is an investment in a slow juicer. You can boost your body with a daily dose of fresh-squeezed vegetable or fruit juice. It will give you a mass of energy, vitamins, and improve your metabolism. If you taste your home-made juices, you won’t try those chemicals-filled drinks, that are over-sugared and do not satisfy your thirst. Natural juice is tasty and hydrates your body, it may help you in getting rid of headaches.

Don’t give in to bad weather and negative thoughts. Spend as much time as possible outside, take sufficient sleep, eat healthy, and take care of your mentality by doing things that relax you — your hobby, reading books, and so on. This is how you will come through this tough period with joy and good relationships with others.



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